Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Black Pen Refuge

Black pens that either dont work properly or have a short life span seem to somehow always find their way into my home.
Like a stray abandoned pet to an animal lover, these pens send out a subliminal cry for help which I am subconsciously drawn to. They sit on the store shelves waiting for me to come along.. knowing I am there and willing to help a poor lonely soul. Knowing that I will never throw it out, even when nobody else wants it anymore and it just wants a roof over it's head.
I have all breeds of pen: waterproof, non-fading, disc writing, markers, ball points, felt tips; and they come in all different shapes & sizes. Most of them are cross breeds.
Even though I care for these poorly bred pens, I do long for my own well bred pen that I can train up from the start. One that will always be by my side through thick and thin. And be thick and thin.
Then there are the sneaky pens, the ones who weasel their way into my possession pretending to be the real deal. Until I get them home and their flaws start to become obvious. It's usually the pens that have a fear of water.
I can only dream of having the perfect pen, but for now I'll keep caring for my rescued pens. Someone has to do it, and if not me, then who?


Anonymous said...

pens are precious..hi my name is tulip and I run the PIP - "pens are precious" friendship sound like just the right person to become a member. The joining fee consists of two red pens and a magic marker..make contact, ink to paper, soul to soul.

Jules Knoblock said...

wow, sign me up. But first find a piece of paper to scribble on to get the bloody pen to work.