Thursday, July 06, 2006


I'm in the process of moving house at the moment. I thought this image was relevant to this topic! It's another doodle from my sketch book that I scanned in and coloured up in illustrator then photoshop. It was hard searching for a house with two big dogs, but we got there in the end. I'm sad about all my art supplies suffocating in dark boxes, but am excited about setting up a brand new studio. I've had heaps of paintings and crafty things in storage for a couple of years, so I just can't wait to get them all out and start creating again. It'll be like a fresh start and hopefully I'll get a fresh burst of motivation and inspiration. I feel like I have just found my style in the last six months, and I'm really eager to continue following it up. Planning on doing heaps of stuff for an exhibition. Looking forward to doing something soon with beck wheeler, check out her stuff it's amazing.
So anyway, I might not be posting a great deal of stuff for about a week, but I will try. My computer's being packed up this weekend and probably wont be set up again till after Wednesday next week. But I love looking around on the net so I'm sure it's something that'll get set up first, and it's a personal challenge not to miss an illustration Friday topic, so I may just have a bit of a late entry.

Just had to post this too: One of my best buddies Tan just sent me an email about her pen situation (see pen refuge story)..
"I think I need to join the Pens are precious friendship society as well.  I have a collection of useless pens from low socioeconomic backgrounds...but they may have some use because they seem to be the only ones that are around when I need to write something down- they write in invisible just enough to read if I press down hard enough. The useful pens are unfaithful and are never there.  Useful pens scurry and hide in dark places, collectively plotting a way not to become useless in the bottom of my bags. Blunt Greyleads also seem to remain faithful."

Those darn pens seem to be troubling more people than just me!

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laca said...

Your lettering it's very beautiful!