Saturday, July 01, 2006

Mr Prototype

Here he is in all his glory... a tester as I wanna start making some things to sell. Do you think he'd sell? Would YOU buy one? (I welcome all comments & suggestions..) I just painted some of his features and stitched the rest... I plan on doing the colours in different fabrics rather than paint. But for now he's getting stuffed in a box coz I gotta move house, moving back to glorious Victoria, oh Melbourne, how I have missed thee..
Oh, and hey I was thinking of calling them 'shelf sitters'.. kind of like 'fence sitters', but different. You know what a fence sitter does. They just sit there and do nuthin. I think my characters have a very blank dumb look about them, which I kinda like.. it's like they're in another world and completely oblivious to everything else... so there's my warp on the 'fence sitter' meaning.. so subsequently they become 'shelf sitters'.

1 comment:

Daisy Edwards said...

ooooh I like! He is so cool, and I would just have to have a shelf sitter in my studio. But then I like funny weird toys! You did a good job on the production, a lot of prototypes look a bit "home made".