Thursday, August 03, 2006

Artist or Illustrator

I've been thinking lately about how I want to cut back on my illustration work and focus more on my own artwork. I'm sick of dodgy contracts and the business world of illustration. I just want to paint without anyone telling me what to do! It is the dream.
One of my fav artists out there who lives the dream is a guy named Souther Salazar, and when I checked out his stuff, it turns out his girlfriend Saelee Oh is just as god damned talented. Here is their new blog which I was thrilled to find and will be checking it regularly: peanut butter & jelly. Their stuff never gets old for me, as there's always something fresh and new to their work. Sometimes I find an artist who I love, but then their stuff gets stale for me, like they are just repeating the same thing over & over. Kind of like a comedian who keeps using the same jokes. After you've heard the joke a couple of times, it's just not as funny anymore. I feel a bit nasty writing that after my big sook about criticism I recieved.. but hey, I'm not naming any names or telling people they suck. These people are still hugely talented, these are just my thoughts and feelings about looking at other art. So anyway, when I come across an artist who is constantly suprising me with their new work, I know I have a keeper in the favourites list.
(I'm also adding this one to my list of links, which I found through a link on their blog, it's a wonderful source of inspiration & eye candy.. print & pattern. Check it out.)
So anyway, the conversion from illustrator to artist is something I've really been thinking about lately. Can I do it? Or will my laziness and procrastination get the better of me!? I'm getting more motivated in my old age, but can I really break the stereotype of the lazy Aussie?

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Beth said...

I like Souther, too.

In a lot of ways I feel the same as you are feeling. I want to escape from the commercial aspect of commercial art and veere more towards fine art. To do things that come from me, not dictated by an art director or outside force. But then there is the money issue...

Thanks for the Print & Pattern link!