Monday, August 28, 2006

Link Love

Been surfing around on the net, as I usually do, and it's great when I stumble across some really cool stuff. I've just found that one of my favourite artists Jeff Soto has a blog. Now I can memorise all his personal stories late at night with a crazed expression on my face in preparation for the stalking I intend to do if I ever find myself in his country... Jeff's blog.
Also there's another guy who's still doing his illustration course where I did mine. It's worth checking out, and if he's this good now best keep an eye on him! He goes by the name of Peter Forbes, or Forbsy as I see on his blog...
I've also discovered Jenny Harada's stuff which I absolutely love and drool over, especially her plush toys. So far I've only really been adding blogs to my links list, so these are all blogs.
In other lovely news I recently found my old collection of Strawberry Shortcake dolls, yay! Now they sit above my computer and every now and then I get a waft of strawberry heaven, and I pretend I'm in a cartoony world full of polka dot trees, rainbows, and extra soft padded heavenly rolling hills... aaaaaahhhhhh. Bliss. I can't believe they still smell this scrumptious now, all the way back from 1981.
And just so this post is not all texty, here's a happy snap of me and my dog Bender. AKA B-bopper, Bendy, Black dog or B-boy.


Steve said...

Hi Julie,
Thanks for the comments you left on my blog, you’re right it’s always great to come across a fellow Aussie. You have a great blog and some cool links. I’d really love to get in to illustration on a professional level and really admire the work you do.
BWT love the names you have given you dogs

Anja said...

I´m a little bit envious of you because you have got two dogs (with funny names). Unfortunately our apartment is too small for a pet, but in the future I will adopt one. I´m a fan of Prof. Farnsworth. Well... I guess that isn´t a suitable name for a dog, is it? Best wishes.

an9ie said...

Hi Julie, I found your art through IF and I really like your drwaing style, it's so different and eye-catching. I thought I'd send a comment for once, because I was thinking the same thing about Strawberry Shortcake dolls this evening while packing up to move house. 20 years old and they still smell good! How did they do it! Argh! Hope we don't get nose cancer!

Frizz said...

Thanks for your nice comments. I love the doggie. Your blog is one of my new faves.

AnastasiaC said...

Nice to see a face behind the name!!