Friday, August 25, 2006

Plush man and brooch

This is what I got up to last night. Still coming up with designs that will soon be for sale. I wonder if I can pull off this online selling stuff hair-brained scheme I have...
I got some magnets printed up recently too, should be getting them in the mail soon. I'm also working on a new website, so will maybe have a shop section there, or do it in etsy. The problem with etsy is that all the stuff is supposed to be hand made, so I wonder if my printed magnets would qualify.. maybe I'll have both...
The brooch is a hand stitched wintery tree with a pipe cleaner around it. Finally found a quality use for those kiddy-crafty pipe cleaners!
I'm still trying to suss plush man out. Either he doesn't have much brain activity, or he's just an extreme day dreamer. I don't know, we just met last night and I'm still getting to know him. He has though produced alot of empty thought bubbles in the room, so I wonder if that's a clue to who he really is.
Lately I haven't been starting to create till late in the day then staying up late till about 2am. It seems I have all my best ideas at around this time. I have been known to get out of bed at 2-3am because I have woken up with an idea, and I'll slink off to my studio and chatter and cackle to myself. My ideas always seem better and quirkier in the wee hours of the morning though, but sometimes I look back on what I did in the morning and think "What was I thinking!? That's no good!! That's not funny!!" But I have a fun time anyway ;)
By the way, I'm troubled lately of the lack of a descriptive word to define the type of work that I do, along with other like-minded artists and illustrators. The word modern is not modern anymore.. (there's nothing modern about the word modern), and there are categories for all other types of art out there. Abstract, realism, etc. What do you type into a search engine to find the kind of work I do and other similar work..? I need a category! Or is there one already but I just don't know it?


benconservato said...

Yes! Sell Sell!
Do it, I love plush man, he is the best. He looks like he is drooling a little.
(I hope that was your intention).

Jules Knoblock said...

Yeah, sometimes I put drool on em! I always do expressions like this, I'm obsessed with their dumb expressions.. :D

Mauricio said...

Hello jules!

Great work, congrats!!!!

My best from Brazil

cutesypoo said...

great toy and the brooch is precious!
nice blog!
i'll have to visit again soon!

Gabriel said...

I MUST learn how to make toys!

Katrine K said...

I also love your plush man and the brooch! I hope you manage to make your own shop soon, I like your blog very much and will visit again!
Best wishes from Norway

Frizz said...

Great plush dude. I like how you put the fabric together. Do you find that when you paint you're thinking of sewing something and when your using fabric, you wanna paint?
Store - good idea!!