Monday, August 14, 2006

Stitch stitch stitcharoo

Ok, I was talking previously about doing a stitch sketch instead of plain old boring pen.. ok... so pen's still cool but I think it has turned out alright. Still really thinking of opening an etsy store and still playing around with ideas for things to sell. The beauty of this kind of thing is that you don't need a great deal of things to sell before you open one up.
"Sometimes we need a perfect world." The idea for this image is that sometimes it's nice to pretend that we do live in a perfect world, and to take a break from thinking about the state of the world and the direction we seem to be heading. So take a sunny day, find a nice spot outdoors and become naiive to it all and find that happiness and peacefulness within.
On another note I was pretty pleased that my Illustration Friday pic was chosen as the pick of the week! I really felt like I'd won a prize or something. Super cool.


Sweet Pea said...

Love this! Is it hand stitched or machine?

Jules Knoblock said...

It is hand stitched sweet pea ;)