Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Etsy Shop!

Introducing my new etsy shop "Tummy Ache!"

I have a few items listed, but need to get some better pics of some of the other things in this photo. It's 3.30am and the light in here is not good for taking photos, as you can well see, and my camera's about to go flat! All stuff is hand made by me and I plan to be updating with new items regularly, so check back regularly if you like my stuff. Let me know what you think, do you heart or hate?!

Here's some cool links for you link-a-holics:
This girls stuff is really really good. Just discovered it. Love her work. Malota. Liz Adams also rocks. Drip! has some really good work and is an interesting read.


Anja said...

I like your individual painting style and your plush men. I am having a question: how long does it take to make a hand made plush man? I saw that one only costs 35 $. Is there any profit? I´m sure your shop will be a great success. Thanks for the new links. Great sites.

Jules Knoblock said...

hi anja.. $45 australian. Not a great deal but I'm just seeing how everything goes & if they sell. I made these guys within a day, and could probably get more efficient if I cut out and made a few at once.

Chickengirl said...

Your work is adorable! Lots of luck with your new etsy shop! (tummyache is such a cute name!)

Anonymous said...

Great etsy shop and blog.I like your work. :)