Friday, September 01, 2006

Prickie button badges

I've got my own prickie button badges for sale! Go have a look at my page through this link: my prickie page.
How exciting. In other news I've been working hard at getting my etsy shop up and running so shouldn't be too far away. My sewing machine has finally been fixed after all it's clunking and erratic stitching, but today I really must finish a commission I've been working on.
As always I welcome feedback and comments regarding these designs, hope you like them.
Have a rockin weekend everyone!


45 said...

hey thanks for the shout out earlier on, and for your kind words on my blog. I dig you work also. I'm working on a cigarrhh box at the mo for the fringe thingy, I dare say they may be in the same display. groovy.

jojoyeung said...

Wow~~I like the style of your works so much! I appreciate your weird creatures and uniqe, cute character design. : >

Katrine K said...

I really like your buttons!
They are very sweet!

tiel s-k said...

I love them. Think they are relaly special. Are you selling many? Do you get a profit, how does it work?

Anonymous said...

the octopous is adorable! too bad prickie is no more :\ you might want to try tho.. =D