Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Some things I have learnt from being an artist

I have learnt that you can't get too bogged down in trying to make everything you create worthwhile & fantastic. I have learnt that you need to have fun & not worry if anyone else likes your work or not.
I believe that it is extremely important to use a sketch book. This is a place where your stuff does not have to be spectacular & the pressure is taken off. It is also a place to experiment & play, and therefore new and exciting ideas will follow. If you're trying to find your style I believe that this is where it will be found.
I often find myself thinking about art, why I need to create art and why everyone else is driven to create art whilst I'm working. I've been thinking lately about what makes a piece of artwork great, and I believe that it is some of these things:
Design: The layout & composition of your piece. I don't think the subject matter is important in making an aesthetically pleasing piece, but rather how you draw it and what you do with it. A great artist can make a few blobs on a piece of paper look fantastic.
Contrast. Not always, but alot of the time I feel this is an important aspect. I look back on some of my old work and they lack contrast in tones and colour. Alot of the pieces were just way too dark all over. I have really lightened up my recent work, and it looks good when I add some darkness to it here and there, so I concluded that contrast is an important factor when trying to make an artwork look better.
The last point I'll say today is: Fluke! Sometimes when you have the talent and knowledge you'll just fluke one of those excellent pieces that everyone loves. I think it's hard (for me anyway) to know exactly what a piece is to turn out like from the idea in my head. I find if I put too much research or planning into a piece it turns stale and I'm scared to stray from the plan. Freshness & freedom is important to me in my work.
Hope you've enjoyed this little insight into my brain & the thoughts I've been having lately whilst creating art. It's like a meditative state sometimes. Of course everyone's work & style is different and the rules to art is there are no rules. Never take anything anyone teaches you as gospel, unless it really sits well with you and feels right, then I think you can take it on board.
(The sketch is just a little doodle I did in front of the telly the other day.)


futuregirl said...

I love that you let us peek into your process. You have a great attitude toward your art, and it shows. :)

Majeak Ann said...

Thank you! what a great post, thanks for sharing your insights, everything is so true.

Jules Knoblock said...

thanks guys, or should I say gals. I kinda felt embarrassed after writing this like I was saying: I know everything there is about what makes art good, coz I'm sooooo good...
I hope no one takes it like this. It's just my thoughts about trying to figure out what can make my art better.
I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm just as critical of the words I write as the art I do, if not more so. :)

Teté said...

Real cool stuff in here, congrts Mrs Lovedog

Jules Knoblock said...

thankyou.... weird guy.... with eye patch...! :P