Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Two more fawns..

..in my etsy shop!
Sorry I haven't been posting as regularly as usual, I have just been quite busy. The house is a mess and the dogs need a big walk! I have missed two illustration friday's, well, maybe one as the week's not over yet and things are starting to slow down now.. so I may just squeeze one in! I started making a mini quilt on the weekend too which had turned out exactly how I wanted it to. Don't you just love that!? So I'll post that soon, promise.
I haven't had a chance to play with my new gocco yet either, but I will get there!
Edit note: Ok, so I could only get one up for now, I was trying to take a better photo of one, and as usual, my camera's gone flat. I need a beer. Any excuse.

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tiel s-k said...

they are so cute. You shoul do kangaroos for Christmas decorations!