Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's been a little while..

Creativeness & inspiration eludes me this week...
Sometimes I have a head full of overflowing ideas; and other times (such as now) there's nothing. I promise I'll get back into it soon and put lots of posts and artwork up as before. It'll come back, I'm just waiting patiently.
Aswell as my etsy shop, I've been asked to put some of my crafty/ arty work in the online Aussie store Georgie Love, check it out, it's fantastic! I'm thrilled Sally (the creator & owner of the store) thinks my stuff is worthy.
Also, new blogs of note have been found whilst surfing the ol' net, and these are: Ponies & Sugar Cookies.. cute name! This creative soul is also an etsy seller. There's some amazing stuff out there that people are making. There's also another etsy seller Ashley G, and her stuff is so great, I'm probably going to direct sales away from me and onto her! She is a nice person aswell, we have sent a couple of emails to each other. I love the internet for being able to get in touch with other creative people all around the world.
Also, I'm really excited that Michelle from Green Kitchen has asked me to do a mini quilt swap! It's gonna be alot of fun I reckon!
I've also been slack on the Illustration Friday front.. this weeks topic is "trouble." Any of you Aussies seen the latest HBA add with the cheeky little kids putting crockery on the tread mill so that the plates fly off the end & smash into the wall? I love that add. I specially love that cheeky little kids smile with the red hair. As Marge Simpson says, "I'd sure like to tuck that in at night!" He's so cute, I just want to adopt him! Now he looks like trouble, maybe I should do an illo of a cheeky little kid like him.
Last of all, here's a commission I finished recently. I'm able to take on commissions from time to time, so if interested please email me for details. This one's called "Special delivery." See the truck delivering the animals to all the houses?... Yay!


Anja said...

Love this picture. It is very funny. And the characters are amazing! Your painting makes me happy!

Chickengirl said...

Ohhhh tooo adorable! I love the little world and it gives me alot of inspiration :-)

julie said...