Monday, October 30, 2006

Need some retail therapy?

Well then, go check out the online shop Georgie Love for a few more of my bag & purse designs! How exciting, it's so fun seeing my stuff online :)
Plus, I splurged on a subscription to Craft: Magazine! I am dying to get my first copy, I could get the digital version now I guess but I just love holding a real magazine and I want to save it until then. It'll be like christmas when it comes. Look at those cuddly robots, looks like some of Jess Hutch's creations. 4-6 weeks I have to wait!!
Plus I have added yet another talented Aussie to my blog list: Tsk Tsk, check it out, I've been watching her work for a while now, very nice eye for design.
Well I got a stack of work to do today so I'd better be off...

1 comment:

Lara said...

Hey! Great blog. Just trawling through all your work - it's awesome! And also good to find another Aussie blogger :)

I splashed out and subscribed to CRAFT: too! It was a few weeks ago though so my first copy should be coming in the mail soon, I hope!