Monday, October 02, 2006

Stranger danger at the fringe festival?

Well, stranger.. but no danger! We had a great time checking out some stuff at the fringe festival in North Melbourne on Friday. This photo was from this funky looking photo booth: "Melbourne photo booth project." Some creative folk had made a photo booth out of an old op-shoppy type of cupboard, and inside it was all decorated like a kitschy granny's loungeroom. You got your photos for free- but you had to go in with a stranger! They'd print 3 copies- one for you, one for your stranger, and one for the outside of the photo booth. Like a work in progress, photos were being pinned up outside the booth for people to look at & check out people's awkward expressions whilst being in a photo booth with a stranger! Excellent idea & fun to boot.. I don't look too awkward do I!?You may or may not remember me talking about the exhibition previously that was to be at the Fringe Festival, so here are a couple of shots from that. Most of my photos came out tragic, though I still wanted to post these to show all the work that was put in to the display cases, they really did look good and the way they were lit up looked great too.Here's me & Jimbo on the night....and definitely one of the highlights was when my friend Tan & I got to make playdough figures for a diorama whilst waiting for our own personal little shadow play that was performed in a tent and was about being buried alive. We also saw some oldies ripping up the dance floor in sequined outfits.. you could say there was something for everyone there!


futuregirl said...

I absolutely *love* the idea of the stranger photo booth. It's so cool that you jumped in there. I wish there were more situations where strangers had to interact ... I think it would make the world a better place.

Anonymous said...

Plasicine playing is under-rated as an activity for adults. Glad to see it's being promoted on your blog- because it is sooooo much fun! (...and a group of 70 year old women tap dancing in sequined leotards- that was a crowd pleaser wasn't it!) LOL t xo