Sunday, November 26, 2006

New bag & purse designs

Here's a design I call "I wish I was a cowgirl." Check out Tummyache as there's a set in the shop now.
I also wanted to post this design, even though it sold within 24 hours of being in my shop.. much to my delight!

Now to change the subject... how's this girlfriends: my partner of 11 years recently informed me that for approximately 3 days each month, I am nasty, moody and naggy. The amusing thing about this is that 3 days times 12 months times 11 years equals 1 year & one month of solid nagging!! This is some feat of which I am tempted to feel proud of.
He's also just informed me that people get less time than this for armed robbery.
Though I think this is getting back at him for all of his sarcastic, wise guy, antagonising mannerisms & comments. Touché!


VictoriaE said...

Ha. My husband told me the same thing, but with the word "negative" rather than "nagging, and apparently it goes for about 6 days. Strange that this compelled me to de-lurk. I'm enjoying your work.

futuregirl said...

Those owls are just about the cutest things ... ever. I love the colors!

I think my husband enjoys my "3 days of mean" because he can mess with me so easily. He loves to verbally poke me until I'm steaming mad and then laugh at me. The funniest part is that it usually snaps me out of it and I laugh along with him, at least until I succumb to the hormones again. :) Luckily, he doesn't hold it against me.

futuregirl said...

Oh, and congratulations on 11 years! That's pretty awesome. :)

lil kim said...

they're so romantic sometimes aren't they? love your owls :-) Hope all your work is going well.

Heather Moore said...

Greetings from a fellow Southern Hemisphere illustrator. Glad to have found your site! Lovely stuff.