Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bits n bobs

Hello! How are we all?
Hope everyone had a good Christmas. I did. Lots of food, drink and family to share it with. It was fun but I'm glad all the hoo-ha is over with now. I even packed up my Christmas tree today. It's all over for me for another year.
I am now officially on holidays. I am still going to work on tummache stuff, and a few personal paintings & things. I'm trying to take it easy but I'm finding it hard to relax. I feel guilty, like I should be doing something.. I do however have a list of things I would like to get done on my break.

1. Michelle's mini quilt for swapsies. Top of the list! I can't believe it's taken me so long. I do have a good idea for it though.
2. Practice guitar & ukulele. Poor neglected things. I'm even thinking of getting some lessons. (In guitar.)
3. Clean this grubby house!! I started this today as it was really in a shambles as I've been so busy. The garden is included in this task.
4. Go on some long leisurely walks with my two mutts.
5. Show all youse guys photos of The Thirsty Flowers book launch.
6. Make a bundle of bags, purses and other odds & ends for my shop. I made this little fella today, he's in there now.

I know there's more to add to the list but I can't think of them right now. Plus the list is making me feel exhausted and I don't want it to be too long!!

Here are some shots of a really smokey day we had because of the Victorian bushfires. They are under control now I'm pretty sure because of the heavy rain & snow we've recently had. Snow. Yes, snow in summer. Christmas day was the coldest on record this year.. with Melbourne really living up to it's erratic weather reputation. Hail, rain and sunshine all in one day! It's crazy I tell you. I hate the cold too. Christmas here in Oz is usually a summer dress and bbq event. Looks like you can't plan ahead when you live in Victoria!
Anyway, I wanted to show these photos because I took them specifically for my blog! My eyes were really stinging this day.. the middle photo is taken from our block of land.

In some other fine and dandy news the lovely lady behind Decor8 blogged about me. What a great resource her blog is for all that is unique & stylish. Lucky she sifts through all the crap out there so we don't have to. She blogs about etsy sellers frequently it seems, which is a good thing. Support the artists I say!

Modamuse also found me and is another resource to find cool unique designs in Australia & New Zealand. I love checking these sites out. There's so many talented creative people out there who I'd rather support whenever I need a pressie for someone, or even something for myself rather than the big faceless department stores. Yeah!

I think that's enough for today ;) I bought a bottle of Bailey's with some xmas money today, so I'll be digging into that soon. Yum-o!!


Jenn Maruska said...

Hi Jules - lovely photos!

Happy Holidays : )


Green Kitchen said...

I'm looking forward to working on your miniquilt without the rush of the holidays. Your view from your house is spectacular, inspirational, otherworldly with that smoke.

Kate said...

Congratiulations on being featured on those blogs. I saw the decor8 one and was excited for you! Glad you had a good Christmas and hope you have a great 2007.

Chickengirl said...

such a cute birdie!

tiel s-k said...

sounds like you had a good Christmas,even with smoke and cold weather. It was cold for Qld too! Crazy stuff. The book looks great.

leslie said...

hi julie, thanks for the encouraging comments on my site! i've been lurking here before and come across your work on flickr, LOVE your illustrations and am now pretty enamoured with this little bird... hope you have productive holidays and plenty of time to relax as well, i'll be stopping by to see what you're up to!

Lara said...

Ahaa, totally know where you're coming from re trying to relax on holidays - I have the same problem, it feels so hard to do nothing especially when surrounded by all your crafty things and little projects you've been meaning to get done for ages. My boy and I have made a rule this week to get out at least once each day and go somewhere. That sounds so lame!

Shell said...

Happy New Year to you! Love your new little birdy - very sweet. Hope you are enjoying your break? I feel guilty about relaxing too - it's a tough life huh? Hope you fulfill all of those goals you set. Look forward to reading more from you soon!

Cheeky Beaks said...

Hi Jules,

Just catching up with your blog, have been out of the loop for a bit. You have been so busy! Love the swing tags.


Kathy Weller said...

What a CHARMING and oh so handsome lil' birdy!!!!

KJ said...

Leisurely walks with mutts are the best. My mom and I try to take a walk with her two and my one mutt every afternoon. There's a nice, big haystack on our route and the puppy likes to take a flying leap into it. It's so cute but I always forget to take my camera to capture the image!