Sunday, December 17, 2006

Yay for swing tags!

I designed these swing tags to accompany my bags & purses in my etsy shop. I just printed these out on my trusty old inkjet printer and cut them up to see what they'd look like. I figure I can keep printing them out or I may get two stamps made up and stamp them. I love the stamped look. Wish I could get some of that stamp stuff that Tricia from Frizzlesticks always uses. Is that stuff even available here in oz? I could make the background image myself but would have to get the other colour professionally made. Or else I could just gocco them. I have not used my gocco yet. This is almost criminal. I plan on taking a little holiday break from illustration and this will give me time to do some stuff for me that I've been hanging to do, and using my gocco is one of them. I had to dust box the other day. Sad!
Anyway.. I stray from topics so easily!
Thanks for all your comments on my last post everyone. I love reading my comments. I love it when someone finds something in my posts that they feel they'd like to respond to. Compliments are great and the extra little insights are a bonus. Then I discover things like I have a kindred spirit out there! rrramone, you sound as though you have good taste!
You know, there was something missing from that list, and those things were 4 favourite bands. Or at least favourite songs. I shouldn't have written that though as now I feel obliged to choose. Maybe next time...!


Kate said...

Great swing tags! They look so professional!

futuregirl said...

Damn! Those are great. I would expect to see them on merchandise in an Urban Outfitters.

I like the rubber stamp idea, too. Then you could use them on the box and packaging, too. They look great printed, maybe you could do both, just to be flexible.

Have I told you how much I love your store's name? It's excellent!

Jules Knoblock said...

Yes I'm quite happy with the store name, futuregirl!! Last night I actually did have an upset stomach, and I said to Jim, "I have a tummy ache" and he just looked at me and laughed. The saying has a different meaning in our household now!

benconservato said...

You could just Gocco them, if you thought about it and make a texture (or sorts) you might be able to make them look like they are stamped. Good luck with the selling, I still have my eye on one of your prints.