Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Moleskine & 5 things

Newsflash! I got a moleskine sketch book! I wondered if these little journals would live up to all the hoo-ha surrounding them, so I decided to lash out (really, it was lash out, these little buggers are expensive) and buy myself one.
It came in the mail last week (which is how I'm buying everything these days- through mail order) and I was really excited to get it. I can definitely say that it really has lived up to all expectations. The quality of the paper is great, and I love the rounded corners. I am also a fan of drawing & painting on smooth surfaces so the paper is perfect for me. Plus I LOVE how the pages open up flat so you can draw over both pages, and even have detail in the centre of the book.
Wow, what an advertisement!

Now, I've been tagged again! Thanks Lara!

Here's the rules:
1. someone tags you,
2. you post five things about yourself that you haven’t already mentioned on your blog,
3. you tag people you’d like to know more about.

So, here goes...

1. Vegemite. I'm one of those people that likes a smidge of it on my toast. This is spurred from the conversation I heard on triple j the other week about the "nine dots" rule. Apparently there is a whole following of people out there that adhere to nine dots of vegemite. Strange. I don't do nine dots but I do put it on in a precise manner.

2. The fingernail on my third finger on my left hand had been flattened on the side from years and years of writing & drawing. Does anyone else have this?

3. I like the funny weird feeling you get when you're walking down stairs and you think there's another one but there isn't.

4. When I was a kid I thought adults were stupid because they had the option to eat sweets and lollies for each meal everyday but they didn't. I also came to the conclusion that the food in the cupboards must've been free as we weren't allowed to get lunch orders because we "couldn't afford it" so we had to take stuff from home. Kind of smart in a dumb kind of way! (Yes?)

5. I don't believe in astrology. Mainly for the fact that I'm supposed to be a gemini which means that I am supposed to be loud and outgoing and always wanting to be the centre of attention. That couldn't be further from the truth. I can be loud when I'm around people I know well though & I'm not as quiet as I used to be. I was a painfully shy kid. Sometimes people tell me they thought I was a snob before they got to know me. At least they found out I'm not!

Who can I tag? Tiel from tsk tsk, that's who!

Now for some some linky love in this post:
I found another crafter working from Melbourne and it's Leslie from onegirldesignwrks. Her designs and crafty items are calming and beautiful. Love the sweet toys.
I did find another aussie blog in my net surfing a few weeks back and really wanted to add it to my list, but do you think I can remember it? I should've added it to my bookmarks. I did leave a comment on her blog saying that I wanted to add her, and from memory I think she had an etsy shop too. She also said she was a lurker and reads blogs but hardly ever comments on them. Do you know who I'm talking about?


Kate said...

I just saw you on the etsy front page again and got all excited for you! Congrats!

katsai said...

hiya Julie!
Thanks for calling by my blog and for your excellently encouraging words! Does sound like you spend far too much time online though... haha... sounds familiar ;P ;y blokey is seriously jealous of Etsy, my blog, and just the "cyberworld" in general.... he doesn't know about Flickr yet ;P Just ventired there myself, and think i will break it to him gently :)
I love what i've seen on your blog... your illustrations are so origina! I just wish Etsy wasn't "down" for maintenance and i could go check out your shop too :(
PS: i definately DON'T like that funny weird feeling when your walking down the stairs etc etc... i broke my toes as a direct result! owwwwwww!

annalaura said...

Well done for you making the front page as well. I saw your stuff there and it made me happy. Esta's treasury list is great (the other stuff on there, when my boyfriend saw mine he said, oh it needs an iron!)

futuregirl said...

You are going to town in the Moleskin!

The nail on my middle finger on my right hand is flat on one side, too. And, as an adult, when we decide to eat frozen pizza and tater tots for dinner, I feel a thrill like we are 10 years old and doing something wrong (and we don't even have kids).

tiel S-K said...

hey, you got me back!

I hate other people making me vegemite on toast. There is a particular method that I like too. YOu can't have too much of it. I love seeing foreingers who have never had it spread it ont thickly like Nutella and screw their faces when they take a bite.

Shannon said...

I hear you on the astrology. Im also a gemini and hwne people ask they always say ' yeah ofcourse...' like suddenly the penny drops. Whats with that crap???? God and people who say 'Oh you must be a Libra' or whatever, shut up man!!

Love your moleskin drawings, just gorgeous!

Shell said...

Moleskins rock! I have one that I lost aaagges ago and found recently at the back of my bookshelf. I was searching for that little sucker for like 6 months! I was devestated when I lost it. They are the best aren't they? But yeah, expensive.

Ahah! This meme has been whipping aorund blogland hasn't it? You know what, I'm a gemini too! And, as I wrote in my 5 things, I was incredibly shy when I was young too. I kinda forced myself to be more outgoing or I was gonna go insane thinking of things to say in public.

I head that thing with Miff and her toast on triple j too - wierd. I don't really care just as long as the butter got to melt into the toast. yum.

Love the drawings - so cool!

binny said...

bugger, i have fallen off the blog and forum bandwagon AGAIN!!! sheesh,

anyoo i am a moleskin addict, i welcome you to the fever.

you have inspired me to open an etsy, not much there yet :)

Anna said...

Aha! I am one of those Vegemite/Marmite (I'm a kiwi) 'dabbers'- my flatmate looks at me like I'm insane when I make marmite on toast (she otherwise smears the whole piece of toast with marmite). But its all about the melted butter...

lil kim said...

Hey strange - was just going to post on the forums about moleskine and thought... hmm... haven't checked Jules' blog for a while, might do that first. I'll do the post anyway, but it's always so strange when things like that happen.
I still don't eat vegemite. I try it now and again (just a tiny bit) to see if I can come round to it, and I just can't. Guess I'll never be a real Australian! x

marcisenders said...

I love the Moleskine spreads! Really great compisitions!

annalaura said...

I got one of these in South Africa. First time I had seen them, round 2002. I made my newish boyfriend a little "book" as a present for his birthday, full of drawings with information about our relationship. I should have a look at that moleskin sketchbook! I might learn a thing or two.