Friday, January 19, 2007

New items in the shop

I just added the "You're awesome" gocco print into the shop. The first handful came out really well so I'll only be selling a small selection of these. I'll be keeping a good one for myself too as it's quite special to me now being my first gocco print.

I've got a new print in the shop now too. Everyone is loving birds at the moment- including me! Have a look at the listing if you'd like to know the details on this piece.

I've also got a new bag design in there called "Horsin' around." The bag and purse are sold separately. Check out the mummy, daddy and baby horse! Ahhhhh.. so sweet!


Shell said...

Great stuff! Love the bird print - tweet tweet!

Green Kitchen said...

Hey! I got your mini quilt. It's so great! Just right! Lovely! You're so good! It's on our wall of our bedroom right now. Thanks so much. I must attend to yours now. :)

P.S. Couldn't find an email for you. :)

XO, michelle

Rachael Herbert said...

Love all your work and especially that new birdie print! Have a great day. :)

James said...

Hey Jules!
Your blog is great, full of such wonderful images and information!
The bags are cool, i love the design!
The Gocco looked like it worked out great too!!

My Marrakech said...

Your work is so sweet and whimsical! And you Dad is so adorable to help out, too!

Cheeky Beaks said...

Squawk, peep, hoot - this made me smile this morning!