Thursday, February 08, 2007

New items for tummyache

Just listed today. A "Daydream Dog" bag & purse (sold separately) and a mini art quilt featuring a bird speaking his mind. Mosey on over to the shop to check them out in more detail.

And, oh crikey, I've been tagged again! By Lauren. I have to write 6 weird things about me. I'm supposed to tag other people but I kind of feel like I'm being a pain so I wont this time. I like doing these things though, it gets me thinking and helps me procrastinate just that little bit more. Here goes:

1. I couldn't read a round clock until I was in grade six. Somehow I faked it through my entire time of being in primary school. It wasn't until I asked for a teacher to teach me that I learnt how.

2. Not only do I love dogs, but I love the smell of wet dogs.

3. I have strange dreams every night that I remember. For instance; last week I had a dream that I watched a cow give birth to a sleeping bag, which turned out to have a cat inside it. Jim hates hearing about my dreams. I remember once I was telling him about one, and he didn't hear this part: "I had a dream last night.." so I was telling him this crazy story, which he thought was true. I thought his reaction to my dream was quite over the top and enthusiastic. It didn't take long for us to figure out the misunderstanding! From then on, if it's not real, he doesn't wanna hear it!

4. I like raw potato, and pastry. I used to like raw pasta too but grew out of that. My brothers still eat it though.

5. I make nicknames up for many things. Neighbours (the tv show) is 'nackbours,' table tennis is 'pong,' the microwave is 'mickey wave,' and the salt has recently been dubbed "salty mcManis.' there are heaps of others that I can't think of right now, and some with swear words in them, so I wont type those here! They don't always have rhyme or reason to them, I just like being silly.

6. I used to have bright red dreadlocks with silver clamps in them.


Green Kitchen said...

I like raw potato, too, with salt. Maybe we should start a raw potato club. My mom does, and so does my friend Meghan, but that's all I know -- and now you! :)

futuregirl said...

I love your list. :) I like making names up for things, too. Andrew has an electronic drum machine that I named Dr. Bot. We have two blankets named Harry. Our bedside lamps are named Savannah Monkey and Theodore Monkey. It's so much fun to give things names!

annalaura said...

I love making up names for things also.
Neighbours is Nebbies for me.
The internet is ninnanet.
And I am REALLY bad and give silly names to my students. How many 15 year old boys can you think of would enjoy being called RICKELS TRICKELS by their teacher?

I'll tell you, NONE!

Heather Moore said...

Hello. I like your blog! Lots!