Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tummyache is site of the week on Modish

Another stylish blog for indie shoppers has listed me as site of the week. Thankyou, Modish! It's so great there are blogs out there to help us find the stylish and unique. I feel like I keep repeating myself about that, but somehow it's so much more special buying from independent artists and designers, a.k.a. real people!

Also, to my list of Aussie blogs at the side there I am adding two mates... check out the cute, colourful and wonderful world of Binny, and the downright cool & dynamic pics from the brain of James Hart.

What I'm working on today:
An illustration for a magazine, and a mini quilt and bags for the shop. There's a new Chirpy bird bag in there now.. these bird bags are proving to be quite popular. Snap them up while they're available. I have now run out of fabric for this design so it will not continue for much longer!


modish said...

thanks for checking out and writing about modish Jules! =)

Jenn Maruska said...

Hi Jules!

I know from personal experience why your Chirpy Bird bags are so popular:

Because they are super cute, well made, light weight (yesterday I almost forgot I had mine over my shoulder) and - even though it is a nice medium size - it holds alot of things!
And I also like the fun lining fabric you used.

Can't wait to see your new mini quilt -

Jenn : )

shannon said...

Ive just got back from a meeting at Hardie Grant where I was shown the work you did for them! I was looking at the name thinking 'how do Iknow that name...?' !!

Excellent work!

Lauren said...

Congrats on site of the week!!

and you've been TAGGED! tag you're it...read my blog to find out more :)

futuregirl said...

Too, cool! You totally deserve the recognition. :)