Thursday, March 29, 2007

I've been so busy..

I have painted the next stage of the interactive painting so I shall upload that soon. I'm sorry I didn't do it sooner! The pic is a little glimpse of some of the stuff that's going on in my studio at present. Some is exciting, some fun, and some just plain old illustrating!
A huge thankyou to all the lovely comments regarding my Nan, you don't know how much it all means to me. You are all such a nice bunch! I like to think she's in a better place now. That goes against all my non-spiritual beliefs but I don't want to think logically about it.
Well, I just checked the painting and the paint is almost dry.. it's so cold here today, it's taking it's time. I really really hate the cold, I'm already feeling it and it's only Autumn... or 'fall' for some of you foreigners. My feet are freezing. I think I get extra cold sitting at my desk and not getting any movement into me. I'd love to have big warm baths all the time but we're on water restrictions so it's a bit of a guilty pleasure.
I feel like I haven't 'blogged' for ages, but I guess it hasn't been that long. It's just that alot of stuff has happened between posts. Jim & I are starting to plan our future house, I'm commissioning a fabulously talented jeweller to make my engagement ring (more on that later!) and of course the funeral, and general illustration work that has kind of piled up and snowed me in.
I'll be back with another post very soon.. promise.


cathygaubert said...

sometimes logic is highly overrated, you know? you and your nan were fortunate to have had each other during her lifetime.
as for what you have been working! i can't wait to see (more of that horse, especially)and hear all about it. and congratulations on the planning of your future home and the designing of your ring. i am sure that it will be fabulous! mine was made especially for me also, and it means so much to me (although i didn't get to work face-to-face with the jeweller, how lucky for you!).

Anna said...

What is this I hear about an artisan engagement ring...! Congratulations to you and Jim- this is very exciting and lovely news! :)

fort.denise said...

Hi Julie! your blog is very nice and I like your banner a lot! and then I read you are from down under.... I arrived 2 days ago in Sydney... I don´t know it makes me just happy! Greetings, Denise