Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Gocco Woes!

I'm making a gocco print with two colours/ screens. I made all kinds of mistakes whilst on the second use of my gocco printer! First I tried numerous batteries in the laundry cupboard because I couldn't find any freshies.. (can someone please tell me why I keep old used batteries!?) Anyway, so I finally find some fresh batteries and I'm fiddling around with the battery compartment and FLASH! Off it goes right in my eyes! After I blink away the red floating dots in my eyes I see that only one globe went off.. I replace that then try to burn my screen. I see that only one went off again so I put in a bulb on that side and expose again. The screen was a dud. So I wasted 3 bulbs and one screen. Grrr.
Anyway, after all that drama, I mixed a nice turquoise colour and it printed beautifully. I was looking forward to doing the next screen, but as you can see it was a woeful attempt. I'm only showing bits of the design as I don't want to show the whole thing in it's present state.
Why oh why does the ink bleed? Is it when there are largish blocks of colour? (They're not too big, compared to examples I've seen on the net anyway.) Or is it certain inks? What about fine detail? Maybe I used too much ink initially? I've been searching around for gocco troubleshooting tips but so far have not found anything substantial which is disappointing. If anyone can steer me in the direction of some good tips, or even better has some good tips regarding bleeding ink I would be eternally grateful!

Now, check this out.. my Aunty Leonie sent me photos of my cousin Jayden (left.. crazy kid!) and his mate Cody with a cake they made. Ever since I've been craving chocolate cake so I bought a packet mix (cop out, yeah I know, whatever, shoosh!) and am about to whip that up now. Hopefully Jim will eat some so I don't end up scoffing the whole thing myself!


ruzana said...

Hi! I was trying my gocco for the second time too this morning- had a bit of a problem with bleeding ink. I do think too much ink is the problem as the more prints I did and less ink there was, the better the print.
Love your blog btw!

stephanie s said...

i really need to get my gocco out of the closet.... i haven't seen too many posts regarding concerns about bleeding but i am wondering if it isn't the paper you used rather than the ink? assuming you used gocco inks...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jules tanx 4 putting me and Cody on ur website - the cake was YUM!

LOVE: Jayden the crazy dude xxoo

inaluxe said...

ha ha ha - I laughed so hard reading your chocolate cake story. I'm addicted to chocolate packet muffins. I take forever making sure I pick the best ones with the bestest amount of chocolate chips in them - drives my partner mental when we shop! Mind you we ARE talking about packets too... not finished muffins. LOL.

The Gocco thing... gee, you would think there would be somewhere to read up on it, troubleshoot etc. I will let you know if I come across anything :)