Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Illustration Friday: Citrus

This week's Illustration Friday topic.

Ok, I promised 7 facts or strange habits about me due to being tagged, so here goes:

1. I'm struggling with no. 1, how am I going to get 7!?
I like everything Aussie. Akubra hats, beer in stubby holders, sheds with number plates & signs in them.. you get the picture. I'm a closet bogan. Or maybe I'm an obvious bogan? Who knows. Ask Jim.

2. I have tried just about every hobby in the book. (Craft wise.) If I had the option to do whatever I wanted everyday I could keep these hobbies up. I really really have to restrain myself from taking up new ones all the time. My Dad recently told me he's got an old pottery wheel in the garage and I replied with, "The old me would have snapped it up." I also was about to get all the stuff for welding & go halves with my brother.
I've tried my hand at: Knitting, crocheting, mosaicing, beading, fimo, polaroid transfers, photography, gilding, needlework of all kinds, cement sculpturing, paper mache, fibre-glassing, stained glass projects, soap making, candle making, making things from wood, marbling, paper making, ceramics, wire-work, metalwork, resin casting, eggshell art, of course drawing & painting, collage, dress making & sewing, mould making, toy making, frame making, screen-printing, animation, stamp making, lino cutting, etching, and I'm sure I could think of some more but I think that is enough! I truly have a problem focusing on one thing at a time, and most of the time it leaves me feeling depressed that I never finish alot of projects. I have since realised that I cannot do everything and I will get more fulfilment and success by focussing on a small portion of projects. Times are a changin'!

3. I just finished "This other Eden" By Ben Elton and now am on to "Nineteen Eighty Four" by George Orwell.

4. I am fond of my last name. Like the little kid nobody liked at school I feel protective and endeared to it.

5. I used to hate the dark hair on my arms but have grown to accept it and at one stage in my life I even liked it. Women have enough hair to get rid of on their bodies without having to worry about that area.

6. Habit... I need to list a habit or two. Every morning my ritual is to get up, check my emails, my flickr comments, my blog comments, and the front page of etsy then have my breakfast with a cup of chai tea, shower, then walk my dogs together or separately, depending on how I feel. If I don't walk the dogs I feel guilty all day and being in that head space makes for a disruptive day at the desk.

7. I love, love, love camping. If you marry me and take me on a honeymoon, I'd rather go camping than to a resort. I've been to a couple of resorts and I feel guilty being waited on and I feel all of the niceties from the staff are contrived and fake. I can truly relax however, at a campsite. I'm not putting anyone out and getting back to nature is a fantastic feeling.

That's it!

The next stage of the interactive project will be up soon, as it's almost finished.


tt_b said...

I like your drawing, especially the colours.

Michelle Lana said...

That's cool! Had fun reading your 7 things! Great work. and wow..you've got lots of crafts....so talented!

Anja said...

Hey, that´s great. I love it!

pozinhos... said...

I Julie,
I Absolutly love your work :)

rachel said...

I like your strange lemon!

inaluxe said...

ha ha ha - laughed at the camping part. Great read! I don't like the pretence either. I kind of feel like I should start walking differently if I'm in some stuffy high rise hotel. It's just not me. I DO love self contained luxury accommodation though - I just don't like people much when I'm away. LOL. Not one for 'room service' :)

Anna said...

Hi Julie,

So so true about schitzophrenic crafting! my problem is the scale of the projects- i'm better off working to a smaller scale with craft!

ps. did you know that there was this guy who studied Boganism for his PhD (i think) at Auckland Uni. Strange but true!

Christiane said...

I love the simpleness of it and how you use space!
I agree with the guilty feeling when staying in a resort, especially in poor countries!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jules. 'Citris' is like a mirror- although trade the high heels for slippers and add some pyjama pants underneath the blanket dress and it's a splitting image. Home sick today drinking lots of citris and addicted to reading ALL of your blog. You are a facinating bogon- not your stereotypical one, the person who studied bogons in Aukland would have included you under the bogon with pizazz :) love T