Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Snap Print

This design seems to be quite the popular one. Maybe it's because we can all relate to it in some way. I reworked it into a digital image, as the first design was a scanned pencil drawing from my sketchbook, so it's the second version of this design. It's in the shop as of now.

..and here's a photo of the lovely Holly's wall from Decor8. It's so lovely to see my work displayed on someone else's wall and being enjoyed. Look at all that other cute stuff too! (Love that deer head..) I'm thrilled that a woman with such taste has a piece of my art above her desk. Thanks Holly :)


Di said...

Your right! We can all relate to our picture!! It's very clever and Decor8's wall in great!!

inaluxe said...

Yeeeeeah, my own snap print coming very soon.... :) can't wait! Have a great weekend! xo

tiel said...

My kids and I always play make up stories in the car. I start something, then my son says something to follow, and then my daughter. Except no matter what, she always says, "And he bumped his head off" and then proceeds to laugh like crazy.

This reminds me of her story telling. Love your sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

I think I might be in this painting- one of those little dots just as the head snapped off. Love you Jules, Tan xoxo