Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tagged again & China

Haha! I've been tagged by Anna AND Inaluxe. Guess this means I'd better do it, hey!? Next post, promise.

Firstly I want to share a few photos & images first from my trip to China last year. I went with Jim's sister Chantelle. Two inexperienced travellers venturing out into a non English speaking country for the first time.. to say it was scary is somewhat of an understatement. I could show you so many more photos, I have many favourites. I took 400 odd photos on the whole trip. The whole trip that was full of laughter, chaos, fun, stress & tears!
This first image is the cover of a sweet little book I picked up in Beijing, or was it Shanghai?? Wherever it was (I can't believe I'm forgetting details already) it was a massive book shop with about 10 levels!

These next images are from a little comic book I picked up in an arty area of Beijing. It's filled with beautiful delicate stylised pen drawings. I love it. Probably one of my favourite souvenirs.

Whilst over there we trudged around some museums, led by our ever energetic (and annoying) tour guide. We dubbed him "fancy pants" as he was quite on the feminine side and would break out into Whitney Houston songs at any given moment unannounced. Anyway, the patterns on some of the old treasures in there really inspired me. If you've seen any of this stuff you would recognise this style of pattern.

Possibly the best damn wall of graffiti I've ever seen! Enhanced I think by the cool guys walking past. What an arty shot! One of my favourites from the trip.

Ahhhh, home sweet home in Beijing for two weeks. Such fond memories of our little hutong (street).

Another arty shot in the middle of nowhere. Blind faith in crazy van drivers got us here. Crazy van drivers with seats that weren't even attached to the floor of the van. The things we do in other countries.

There are a couple of other photos on my flickr page, if you wish to see them. The trip was such a mix of emotions. It was really stressful at times, and we ended up being so homesick by the end of it, but when I look back on the photos I get a wistful feeling and I am truly glad that we were given the chance to have this experience.


maggienikole said...

hi, i'm nikole.
i had to comment on your hutong photo. i love it. i stayed in the hutong neighborhoods of beijing for a short while about a year ago now and i so wish i could go back today. what district where you in? :)

Jules Knoblock said...

I can't remember.. though it was in the north from memory