Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Swapsie Fun

Did a swap recently with Michelle from Green Kitchen. We made a mini art quilt for each other. I so can't wait to put it in a shadow frame and up on my wall. I love it; it's perfect for me and my style of decorating. I think it does have a bohemian quality to it, enhanced by the fact it incorporates recycled materials.. yay! Jim was also taken by it which is no small feat.. he's quite the art critic sometimes! (Did you know he gives my artwork scores out of ten? I have never got a ten. Though he says if he ever gives me a ten then I do something better he's got nowhere to go. Very pragmatic, but not much fun!)
Anyway, here's a pic of the quilt Michelle made for me. Even the back has nice fabric.

And here's my effort, a little tree house number:

What fun that was. It's really so nice for someone to take the time and effort to make something for me. You know, it's really my first piece of artwork I have. (Excluding prints.)
One day I intend to buy some original art, though I've always been waiting until I'm in my own home.

Also wanted to share a pic of my nesting gocco print as an example of what it can look like framed. One of my buddies got this as part of her birthday pressie recently:

And a better photo of my ring! Look at that sparkly rock in there! It's funny because I never thought I was a diamond type of girl, but now that I have this ring, I am converted. Here's a link to the jeweller's website.

Right, that's it for the blog today. I'm working on some new prints for the shop which will be available soon. I shall post here with the update. Ciao!


Sheeps Clothing said...

That ring is just lovely. Lucky girl!

Anna said...

those art quilts look fantastic! it is great to see that quilts neednt be like blankets- I bet it was nice to make! (mustn't get distration projects!) :)


Green Kitchen said...

Thanks again, Jules. I'm trying to get a good photo of your quilt. Will post a higher res one on Flickr when I can.

Dudley Redhead said...

Thanks for sharing the art quilt shots. are they 8x10 sorta size? I keep buying small squares of fabric and then hate the idea of chopping them up into cushions or unwanted accessories - so art quilts/art postcards seem perfect. Damn, another project!

annalaura said...

Wowies, that ring is amazing! I also think those artworks you did for the swap are lovely! Oh and I saw your artwork with the snappy head was on Etsy front page, it was such a great front page but they changed it really quickly. It had AshleyG and Matty8080 and I was proud that an Aussie was top row!