Monday, July 02, 2007

Dog Nicknames & Print News!

We love our dogs. Jimbo is always coming up with new nicknames for them, and the one that has been cracking me up lately is the new one for Leela (the brown one). We call her Pee-pee alot but now that has evolved into Pee-pee deluxe which really is quite silly and I've been laughing about that one for weeks. Bender's nicknames include B-boy, Bendy, Bendy-mo, Skat man, Bopper, B-bopper, Black dog and the latest for him is Selley's. This is after a well-known hardware store product called Selley's no more gaps. That's him.. he's known to squeeze into available cracks between me and Jim. I love the new nicknames. In fact I love nicknames full stop. We could never have guessed we'd own a dog that we call Pee-pee deluxe.. these names just evolve naturally out of stupidity and by accident.
Such fun.

And print news!! I am super excited as I'm investing in a fantastic new printer that will take my prints to new levels.. and SIZE! I will soon be able to print up to A2 prints! I can't wait to get this fabulous machine- I'm so excited I dreamt about it last night. Nothing will stop me now. I've got some new artworks in the making that will be saved for the arrival of my new professional print-making machine, which will of course be all be available in the shop when the time comes.
Just had to share the news. Onwards and upwards!


Abby Creek Art said...

Oh Pee Pee Deluxe is the cutest dog! Our sweet dog, Abby passed away three months ago...but we used to call her Peanut, Abberdeen, Abbaleenya, Peaches, Punkan poo name it!

By the your "Bird Keeper" print!

binny Talib said...

ohhhh i am GREEN with envy about your new printer Jules, how exciting!! :)