Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stage 9 Complete!

Next stage is complete. There is only one more stage to go before the project is finished and someone wins the painting! I'll post the next stage sometime next week, after I receive another ten suggestions for stage 10, the very last stage. If you're new to this and wondering what the heck this is all about, you can satisfy your curiosity here.
Jenn Maruska was a bit indecisive about what she wanted. She couldn't decide if she wanted flying fish, flying fish-bird hybrids, flying fish that turned into birds, or flying fish that turned into elephants! It's ok Jenn, we all have decision making problems sometimes.. just ask Jim. (I have a terrible time making decisions sometimes... ok, alot of the time.)
Anyway, I quite liked the idea of the flying fish turning into birds. So, that is what I did. Do you like them?
It seems this project is wrapping up at just the right time, I'm not sure I could fit too much more into the painting!
Ok, get your thinking caps on again & I'll await your next ten suggestions.


cathygaubert said...

oh my...you are so blowing me away with this! i think that it looks totally incredible as is, but if you need to add something else, maybe one of your horses (i love those guys!), maybe on a mountaintop? and again...wow.

Jenn Maruska said...

Wheeeeee! Oh I love love love the flying fish turning into birds!

Could there be a thought bubble coming from that wee mountain furthest on the left?

: )

dizzyjadey said...

I love the way this painting is evolving! You could almost make up a fairytale from just looking at it. Okay, here's my suggestion...maybe another spaceship that's landed near the mountains, with some friendly aliens walking over to the girl reading the book.

Out of the Box Designs said...

Found your blog through a link through a link (think I started on The Black Apple - you know how that goes!)

Anyway... flying elephants! I make flying elephants too!! See mine: HERE. Flying elephants are the best. Great minds think alike. I love your painting.


Helen said...

Okay, my suggestion is maybe some sun? Sunbeams to warm up the sky and the background a little bit.

I can't wait to see the final product!

zime said...

Wow, this painting are terrific!!
mmmm one more thing?? is difficult to say... maybe a planet home's for those friendly aliens ;)

kat coyle said...

It's looking really great! My next suggestion is for some waving flowers from the far left mountain top.

Julia said...

I think you must love Alpacas, so how bout one of those?
I think there needs to be an Alpaca on the mountain top on the left, with maybe a mountain climber with backpack and staff climbing up to him. How bout that....?

Anna said...

Oh I looove the flying fish-birds! It really helps the wave work and adds an extra dose of craziness into the painting (nothing wrong with that!)
I'm going to have to think really hard for this final suggestion!
I like the idea of someone climbing up a red ladder by the mountains and just painting the last details on the elephants in( I love the elephants, theyre so cute!)

Renee :) said...

Ok,I hope I'm not too late for this,but I was thinking about a little ballerina spinning around on the left side of the picture with stars around her. :)

Anna said...

Hey I just saw your work on design*sponge! How cool is that?! Congrats


jim bradshaw said...

This is soooooo nice! How about someone or something flying a kite?

Jules Knoblock said...

..and that makes ten, thankyou!