Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stuff, links & more stuff

Oh goody. It's the weekend. What a busy week! Phew!
My new printing set-up is basically all happening, which I'm really excited about. This past week was spent ironing out glitches (of which there were a few) and packing, packaging, packaging! No time to get any new artwork done, though I do have lots of half finished artworks that I can work on this coming week. I've been working on a series for the shop which will be available soon. I shall let you know!
This week also saw me featured on Design*Sponge which I was absolutely thrilled about. And Cuteable. Can someone please tell me why I have never seen Cuteable before!? It's really fabulous, I can't believe I haven't come across it before in my internet travels. Unreal. And I do spend alot of time doing the old surf.
By the way readers, there is ONE MORE entry for the interactive painting project (see previous post). Next week will be the final stage and I can't wait to draw out the final winner of the whole thing.
Have a great weekend everyone. We're off to visit some family including Jim's sister who is 5 and 1/2 months pregnant. I've been cracking myself up with the words pregatronic'd & pregulated this week. I can't wait to have a little niece or nephew! (In law that is. Kind of. If I was actually married...)
I'll leave you with a silly drawing which helps to represent the kind of stupid mood I'm in right now:

Don't think about it for too long; though if you work I'd the answer, I'd love to know..!


Sion said...

Hi Julie, it was my pleasure! BTW I just saw that you named your dogs Bender & Leela, which makes you just about the most awesome person on the planet!!! =)

Hector German said...


¡great illustrations! love em!

Majeak Ann said...

I am also VERY happy to see you featured at Design*sponge!

p.s. I also discovered recently Cutable, I am loving it so far. It is great to doscover many pretty and cute stuffs out there! It is a good place to visit.

jim bradshaw said...

I barely broke a brain sweat. The answer to your riddle is so obvious.

answer: Anyone can see that Molly's hair style is an attempt (however weak) to look like Kirk. So Molly is a follower and therefore we can deduce that Kirk eats 2 bananas a day. My intellect is dizzying, would you not agree?

Jules Knoblock said...

wow jim, you've blown me away, I thought this riddle was unsolvable!!!