Monday, July 09, 2007

Sunday Doodle

Here's a Sunday doodle for you (even though it's Monday today). It's done in my beloved sketchbook using biro, textas and coloured pencils.
I've got another busy week coming up ahead, new bag designs are in the making, I've got regular illustration business to attend to, an appointment with the accountant (eek, not my favourite thing in the world to do- Jim's coming along to be my left-brainer.. you know the logical side of the brain? I don't use it), plus I've promised my brother I'd have a painting finished for him by Friday, oh God I know there's more but don't want to think about it all!
Anyway, I'm off to give some stock to Incub8r today which is a new gallery opening soon in Smith Street Fitzroy.
So, I best be off to start my busy week. And I promise you I'll have a new update for the interactive project this week.

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