Thursday, July 26, 2007

Super Quick Update!

I plan on uploading the last stage of the interactive project this Sunday (Australian day time), showing an amalgamation of pictures from start to finish, and announcing the winner! I'm very excited and my painting is looking forward to going to it's new home wherever that may be. Hope you're just as excited as I am!
(It's almost a crime for an illustration blog-post to be picture-less but I'm just going to bite the bullet this time and do it.. eek!)
See you Sunday :)


Jenn Maruska said...

Can't wait! : )

kat coyle said...

yay! I'm excited too.

Anna said...

Look forward to seeing it!

Renee :) said...

My girls and I are so excited as we watched this from the very beginning & never knew each time how it would turn out,so it was really fun watching it take on a new life and story each time. :)