Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My week (last week, that is)


Fondue, band watching & silliness at the St Andrew's pub. So much fun!

Here's us making veggie tempura in my Great Grandmother's fondue set. An original cast iron (I think it's cast iron..) set from the real fondue days. Yummo. Although it ended up cooking too slow, and we were too hungry so we cooked the rest on the stove.

Clockwise from left we have the bubbly and friendly Jen, Sarah the obscurely funny girl, Yenski (Jen) the funky down to earth chick, and Tan, the sweet natured optimist! You know they have many other qualities & talents but I think that's a good start!

Get into it Yenski & Tan! (Tan, stop putting too many sticks in, you're cooling down the oil! Tan: but I'm hungry!!)

Now we're at the St Andrews pub. Taking stupid photos without a care of who is watching. This one is the almighty "Head Stack." Everytime I look at it I get "Head stack, baby head stack.." in my head like the B52's "Love Shack" song... From bottom: Sarah (who's face is cracking me up), me and Jen..

Cheesy grins. Me on the left & Tan..

This one cracks me up. The very sooky ladies Yenski & Sare..

Clockwise from left Tan, Sare & Jen. Oh dear.. the gravitational pull of the earth seems to have affected their heads.. my my..

Just wanted to share those photos of my fab weekend. We had some chocolate fondue after the pub with strawberries and cake which was to die for! Us girls plan to make our catch ups a regular monthly event which is great. Nothing like getting together with the gals. I think with these regular catch ups I'm going to get premature wrinkles from all the laughing we do..

And here's a Sunday doodle from this Sunday just gone.. with a couple of influences from stuff that was in my week. A guy contacted me regarding a commission and stated he'd like something strange to do with his cat's, and as an example he suggested cat heads with sea creature bodies. This idea stuck in my head and consequently came out in this Sunday's doodle. I also saw a roof top full of birds all in a row whilst driving down the freeway. I would have loved to get a photo of it, but this is the next best thing.

One more thing, I promise! For all you creative Aussie's out there that spend many an hour searching for arty obscure products I have started a new blog just for you! Take a visit to Creative Aussie Links, to read the full explanation. If you have a blog or etsy shop and live in Oz, feel free to email me and I shall add you to the links. It's still in the early stages so bear with me as I may change things around as it evolves.

If this blog post seems at all weird in any way it's because I've just had a coffee (which I never drink) and I'm feeling a bit buzzy and strange. In fact, I've got a headache. And I can't think of a good way to end this post. So I shall just end it. (Told you I was feeling weird!)


jim bradshaw said...

This needs to be a print. I love this one so much. This looks finished enough to me. Doodle, she says.

Sarah said...

ha ha ha!! love you jules!