Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Three New Ridgy Didges

That's slang for real. Originals. They are A5 sized paintings/ drawings and available in the shop as of now. From top to bottom we have "I thought nothing of it," "I'm in the air and free" and "sometime in the future."

God the weather was good today. It was so warm. I worked with the windows and doors open, which is the first time I've been able to air the house without freezing to death. How I love the sun! I must admit that yesterday whilst on a break from working I slipped out and fell asleep in the sun until Leela ran over the top of me and caught my foot on her foot, which bloody hurt. Dogs are so clumsy.
Anyway, it felt like summer. There is such a different vibe in the warm weather, like a more relaxed easy going feeling. The hotter the better I say. This is a controversial topic. Either you like summer or winter better, and I'm sorry, but if you fall into the latter category I'm going to have to move you down my list of respected people. I'm constantly having this argument with my friend Tanya. (Love ya, Tan!)
It's funny how we either like one or the other. But then there are those freaks out there that like both. It's kind of like how you either watch Neighbours or Home and Away. (Tragic tv soapies we have here.) Or there's milk verses soy. Holden verses Ford. Chocolate milkshakes verses Strawberry. And we always fight faithfully & passionately for our team.
Go chocolate milkshakes!!


Liz said...

really nice work!!

Shai Coggins said...

Hi, Julie. Found your blog a few days ago and immediately subscribed. I'm not sure how but I'm glad I did. I'm really loving your posts and your artwork. Very inspiring. :-)

Anyway, I had to comment because I, too love summer. Winter depresses me. Although having said that, I began to like winter a li'l bit more (just a miniscule bit!) - since we had our gas fireplace installed a couple of months ago. It's soooo nice to sit in front of the fire (even if it's 'fake'), getting all warm and fuzzy.

But, I still say bring on spring and summer. :-)

And yes, I love chocolate milkshakes too.

And, just between us (I'd probably live long enough to regret this ;-)), I just began following "Home and Away" (can't get in to Neighbours). Haha. Now, I may have just lost all respect of anyone who'd read this. :-D

syko kajsa said...

Really nice work, got to go and check out her shop!

benconservato said...

oh a Ridgy Didge!
Forgot that one, I had a conversation with an American about "Strine" the other day, she was flabbergasted!

Your work is gorgeous!
I wish we had sun where I am, it has been like a Sydney winter here, except normally in Winter in Sydney, you do actually have sun... sad.
I think I might have to come back to AU to get some sun by the end of the year, otherwise I am going to become very sad.

Soy is much better than milk by the way... no pus! euuuggghhh!

marie said...

really nice !! i am a french girl can you read french , i cant write what y want , i like your work a lot.

lil kim said...

Hey Jules, these are wonderful pieces, love the feeling of 'in the air and free'. oh to be that free. and I really like your signature too which I hadn't noticed on your previous stuff.

I am definitely a summer girl too - i crave the sun - so this weather has been great, even if still a bit of a nip in the air. Have to go with strawberry milkshakes though.... sorry! ;-)

jim bradshaw said...

Julie wrote:
"And we always fight faithfully & passionately for our team.
Go chocolate milkshakes!!"

Your team is called the Chocolate Milkshakes?! And I always had a picture in my mind of macho tuff Aussies. How do they win? By pouring it on thick in the last quarter? Haha. I am so witty I think I deserve a milkshake and a spot of sun. Oh btw, you art is too cool. I love it. Looks like you are having fun with the paper.