Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Horse Stack

Everyone needs a horse stack. What kind of sub human being would you be without one? I finished this one off today and is in the form of a print over at tummyache as of now.

You can also find an interview with me on Indie/Pretty/Perfect if you feel like a bit of a read. Why the hell not, you say?

I've also been doing some refurbishment over at Creative Aussie Links which you may be interested to see. I'm dedicated to finding the best damn art & craft supplies out there, and have many more up my sleeve to feature. I'm still interested to hear suggestions from my readers, too. And if you're an Aussie with a blog or Etsy shop, shoot me an email and I'll pop you in the links list. It's a free-for-all lovey-dovey links list!

Well, that's it for today googley-eggs. Enjoy the rest of your day/evening/night wherever you are. x


samantha said...

thanks for the link to your creative aussie site - it's excellent.

Chickengirl said...

hey there, I was at the book store the other day and I saw one of your illustrations on a cover in the halloween section. I can recognize your work from far away..woohoo!

Sarah said...

horse stack baby horse stack!!! ha ha ha ha ha I love horse stacks!