Friday, September 28, 2007

Sarah Giufre- Umbrellas are Useless

I'm mighty proud to say that this is my long-time-buddy Sarah Giufre & her beautiful new clip to her song "Umbrellas are Useless". This music video was directed by TRAITOR/Thomas Pullar, and is a contender in the 2007 Music Oz awards!! If you are an Aussie with a mobile phone it would be FANTASTIC if you can head over to The 2007 Music Oz Awards to get the simple details on how to vote. I know I will be and getting everyone I know to do it too! I have first hand information directly from Sarah that she is willing to kiss the feet of anyone who votes!
By the way, take a special look at the plant/flower/piano thingy at the start. I wonder who drew this? *Grins cheekily* The necklace she's wearing also looks mighty familiar, though I'll have to confirm on that one..

Sarah and I are planning and scheming a creative project together at the moment. If all comes to fruition you may hear about that later on down the track. But my lips are sealed for now!

Great job on the clip guys! Beautiful!

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futuregirl said...

Wow! So cool. What awesome friends you have ... :)