Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Slack Blogger Is Back

Juggling illustration, shop orders, prints, art, dogs, and general life can sometimes get chaotic, as I'm sure you're all aware! Which doesn't leave much time for blogging. I've been a busy little beaver, making some new necklaces for Incube8r Gallery in Smith St, Fitzroy, utilising some of my artwork. Hang around and you might just see some appear in the shop soon. They've been popular little things, I'll try and get some work-in-progress shots to feast your little eyes on. Incube8r Gallery also held their launch last week, which seemed a successful night resulting in bodies being crammed into the shop space with not much room to move at all. I didn't even get a chance to do my sneaky little thing of hanging by my work to hear some genuine feedback whilst the viewers are unaware that the creator is standing right next to them!

My Dad is on holidays. Five weeks, the lucky bugger. Below you will find what a mixture of holidays, his train set and a camera will amount to. He sent me these photos with the title "Disaster in Diamond Creek." He assures me there was only one fatality but the body was removed before the shots were taken. Thank God for that.

Well, so it hasn't been ages since I last posted, but I do put pressure on myself to live up to my own expectations. I expect so much from myself each week which sometimes puts a little too much pressure on myself and ends up with me feeling a little depressed and like a failure. I'm sorry to always be so negative (feel like I'm doing that a bit lately), though I have to show the good and the bad don't I? I can't pretend that my life is all happy-go-lucky like I sometimes make out here. We all try to put our best foot forward, though I don't want to give anyone a false impression of me.

Now I'm off to get busy with resin for the necklaces previously mentioned. It's also been a great week for mail and prints arriving so I'll dust the camera off and take some happy snaps of all that stuff too. Seeya next time.


futuregirl said...

I LOVE your Dad! Ever since you posted about him helping you Gocco, I've been sweet on him. Now, these pictures seal the deal.

I can't wait to see the necklaces. I bet they're awesome!

I love your trick of standing around your art work. If I ever get anything in a store, I'm totally going to do that. :)

shannon said...

I think Ive said it before also, your dad is unreal.
That train set pic is great.

Marjorie said...

Just stopping in to say "Hi Ya" and I love you work!! :)

Swirlyarts said...

Hee hee - love the train set! Your dad sounds cool. I always beat myself up about blogging too but we've gotta realise that life gets in the way too sometimes!