Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Happenings

Saturday doodling. The fish creature was inspired by some glass art I saw in Melbourne on Saturday. Freaky little glass creatures hanging from the roof in a gallery. They were cute, weird & colourful all at once.

Then we headed over and saw Hung By The Sticky Bits which is an exhibition on now off Flinders Lane in Melbourne featuring a variety of artists including fellow illustrator Beck Wheeler. Check out the bit of street art she did outside the gallery.

Inside there were painted walls all up the staircase, and inside the gallery. I loved the art, such a variety. I was in awe of the effort Beck went into setting up the whole thing.
Walking into the alley where the gallery is situated was like walking into another world.

It's so inspiring going to check out exhibitions, though because of where I live I don't really get out to do it that much. Must make more of an effort in the future. I also need to keep in the loop of what is out there. If I did keep myself in the loop I definitely would've gone to see this. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I just love discovering new artists whose work excites me, and these guys do just that.


Penguin & Fish said...

I like your fancy little fishy. And your new pendants are gorgeous. I'm sure they'll sell out right away.

benconservato said...

the fishy is definitely my favourite too.

lola said...

i went to melbourne last month and took some pics in this beautiful alley as well!