Friday, October 12, 2007

I Was Just There

That's the name of this new print now available in the shop. It's about time I added a new print! I am happy with how this has turned out. It started off as a drawing in my moleskine sketch book, then kept evolving with more work, scanning it into the computer then working on it some more.
Some of you may be pleased to know that I have been working on a few originals that I hope to get into the shop very soon. I shall be blogging about that when the time comes.
But for now kiddies I am off to start stressing about my upcoming dentist appointment. When I come back I shall be two teeth lighter. Ugh. Not really how I want to spend my Friday!


Anna said...

Ugh dentists! i had a trip there on monday and my tooth is still sore (not very encouraging I know, but what can you do about root canal fillings...?) :(

Danielle McDonald said...

Argh - you remind me that I must go myself. Have been putting it off as am TERRIFIED of the dentist! Hope you survived OK!
Am new to the whole blog world and am enjoying discovering yours! I love the necklaces and hope to treat myself to one for Christmas - if they aren't already sold out!!