Friday, October 19, 2007

Illustrators Australia 9x5 Exhibition

I'm happy to once again be a part of the annual Illustrators Australia 9x5 exhibition. This is my piece called "A Part Of Me". It's mixed media (pen, pencil, paint) that was originally done on paper then mounted onto the provided 9x5 wood panel & sealed.
The opening night is on the 25th of October from 6pm onwards, held at Space 39, Level 2, 39 Little Collins Street, Melbourne. Come check it out if you can. All pieces will be up for auction on the night, there is also an online bidding system for people that can't physically be there. As with ebay, you can put in your maximum price to see if you can score the piece you are interested in. Check this link for more info and to see all of the art available.
Ooh, there's a few pieces in there I'd like to see hanging on my walls!

p.s. I was driving home from my Dad's the other day and saw something I love to see. And my after thought was, "Is there anything more gorgeous than seeing two ducks with a trail of baby ducks waddling along behind them?"


Field Notes said...

I love baby ducks too! They cross the street in front of my college campus all of the time. Cars stop for them.

More gorgeous that them? A mama gorilla holding newborn twins :-)

Gis said...

love your works :) if you ever need a hand making a personal template for your blog let me know :D i always upload templates for everyone, but its always nicer when its useful to someone in particular :D just let me know xD its like a hobbie xD

tiel said...

what a great exhibition. thanks for the link and I really like your piece.

jim bradshaw said...

Looks like a fun show. Good luck. Your piece is great.

Betty Jo said...

Saw your "cube" at incube8tor. It looks fantastic. Your pendants are great! In the short time I was there 5 customers asked to look at your stuff,so I'd be interested to know how it is going for you in a business sense.(toying with the idea myself)
Liz @ Betty Jo designs.

Penguin & Fish said...

Great painting. I'm going to go check out the other pieces now.

pussman said...

really it is lovely!