Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Typical Laser Beacon & Bizarro World

Yes, yes it is.
There are so many reasons why I find this pic funny. Hilarious. So hilarious in fact that I have had this picture for years, and I always laugh when I see it. It's from one of Jim's old computer games from when he was a kid. I was looking through the instruction book and came across this little beauty. I have been meaning to put it onto a t-shirt for years, but thought I'd share this with you all first.
Some funny things get old. This is not one of those things. I'm going to be laughing at this pic until the day I die.

Yesterday I found something which made me feel I was living in bizarro world. First look at my dogs. Doberman & Rotti cross. Then look at this.
B-I-Z-A-R-R-O W-O-R-L-D!


Linda said...

I like your Aussie links blog, its a very good idea.

Field Notes said...

They are such a cute pair! I've always had a soft spot for Rotties & Dobies... as long as they still have tails and floppy ears :=) I have a Newfy.

P.S. I adore your bird pendants!