Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hello Soldiers

I've had my BEST MONTH ever at in.cube8r! It's so very motivating that people like my stuff and then actually buy it. I'm sure that one day soon I'm going to spot someone around town wearing one of my necklaces or parading around with one of my bags. And when that day comes I will be a happy little girl indeed. If you haven't checked the in.cube8r gallery out yet you'll find it on Smith St Fitzroy near the corner of Johnston St. (VIC). A good place to do some Christmas shopping for your funky friends!

This morning saw me making a purchase from Greyhound Crafts for one of their life-size greyhound crochet patterns. Not that I can crochet, but my Mum can. I'm hoping to sweet talk her into making one of them for me in the colours of Leela. She's not a greyhound; but the pattern definitely reminds me of her. I think that maybe the greyhound shape is like an exaggerated caricaturised version of her. Perfect! Maybe I'll buy all the wool and ask Mum to pretty, pretty please make it for me. The pattern was a bargain after all! If she wont make it maybe I'll have to revisit the "how to crochet" books and give it a go myself. I've given you comparison photos so you can see what I mean. The crochet dog really does make me laugh, it looks just as lazy as leela is. And the heart coming out of Leela's butt really wasn't intentional.


Anna Laura said...

Hey Julie, I saw your stuff in In.cube8r and it looks fantastic. I was so impressed with the whole space , a great thing for Smith Street that is for sure!

Field Notes said...

I can totally see why you'd want your mom to make you one! I want one too - of my Newfoundland. I could see her using it as a pillow :D

Michelle said...

Hi Julie,

I've just started a (VERY) new blog/site called "Jumping Clouds" that will feature work, events and more from Illustrators, Artists, Designers and such from Australia.
The site is still very much a baby and still going through some development, but I have kicked off the first post with an "etsy hunt" and have featured your shop. Thought you might like to know.


Michelle said...

Hi Again,

I have recently deleted "jumping clouds" in the form mentioned above. For various reasions it wasn't going to work.
I will be using the space as my personal website.
Sorry for messing you around,


Sally said...

I forgot to tell you! I saw someone with one of your bags at the Yarra Bend Park! It wasn't a GL one, so I am assuming it was from incub-8r? I squealed and pointed it out to Adam.

I love seeing stuff anyone I know makes out and about, I don't care if it is through GL or not!

tiel said...

does this mean there will be crochet poo to clean up? How good will that be. My mum has Irish that would take up some skeins of wool.

Caroline B said...

I so want this pattern - I could turn it into a saluki, which is one of my dogs!