Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Necklace & Light Box

This one's called "Content Being Me" and you can find this little sweetie for sale here. She's happy being herself, despite the fact that society thinks she is abnormal. She is beautiful in her own way! If only we could all take a leaf out of her book. Maybe if I did I'd throw out my cellulite cream? Useless stuff anyway!

I got so frustrated with trying to take photos of this necklace outside today (which is how I usually do it), waiting for the sun to decide if it wants to go behind or come out from the clouds, battling with my shadows hovering over the necklace, and then the wind. Darn the wind! So, I did a bit of research and came across this light box tutorial. Ok, so it's a macro-photo-studio tutorial, but 'light box' is now stuck in my head and there it's going to stay.

So, introducing to you possibly the most crappiest light-box known to man. And woman. There's even a high-tech device at the top of the box in the form of a hole cut by a serrated knife that the camera's viewfinder can see through. The sides are covered with tissue paper, and that's a bloody bright 500 watt light that I brought in from the garage. Complete with it's own little unwanted hitchhiker. Now that I have seen this spider today, I feel all creepy and my hair keeps tingling as if there's spiders in it. He's still in the little tub now that I put over him. Still trying to work up the courage to take him outside. Not a fan of spiders at all!

Anyway, I think the photos came out ok with a bit of photoshopping. I could still make some changes and improvements to my crappy little light box, but at least it's an improvement from taking photos outside. If you have any criticisms or tips for me regarding photographing crafty stuff, I'd love to hear from you. Or you could just tell me that they look fabulous already. I'd be happy either way... !


Sylvie Van Hulle said...

I really love this necklace, but I would like to see a picture of someone wearing it,so I can see the effect. Is this possible?

Cassandra Allen said...

Rather "professional" looking photo! Well done. Had to laugh when you described the "professional photography process" though! ha ha.

Jenn Maruska said...

I think your photo came out great!

Josh recently did a blog post on how we take my product photos:


Anna said...

Your photo looks great! It is so hard to get good photos of objects- mine ALWAYS look terrible! Step 1- new camera, step 2 learn how to use it properly! I like Miss Content- she looks very peaceful.

Your story of spider is hilarious- I am reminded of when two of my sisters were driving to Bendigo (I think) and a huge huntsman crawled out from behind the sunshades in the car... Result: one freaked out sister, one mildly amused sister (she removed it)

Field Notes said...

Your photos look wonderful already; keep up the good work =D

Mariska said...

Very nice necklace! I think the photo turned out really well.