Thursday, November 01, 2007

Recent Happenings

So, the 9x5 exhibition went well. It's so much fun to watch artwork go up for auction. Even more fun when it's your own and it sells :)

I really haven't had the enthusiasm for blogging much lately. Sorry! I've just got too many things to do and it is all a bit overwhelming. I feel like I have a million different jobs on and I have no idea how to sort them all out and where to start. Plus I haven't been in a very good head-space lately, going through a bit of personal crap which kind of gets in the way of work, life and the creative process.

Something to cheer me up yesterday though, was a package from Camilla! We recently did a swap, and she generously sent me a set of prints, her new calendar, some lovely art cards and a hand written note. I sent her this, this, this and this little original artwork called "for the love of nature":

In other life news, Jim has been trying his hand at making some frames. We just get the local framer to cut out the matt board for us, then we route and cut the wood then assemble the frame ready for staining and varnishing. The local glazier cuts glass for us while we wait, and they always give us a bit of a discount ;)
I think he's doing a pretty good job, and considering all of the prints I have been buying lately, it's going to save us a heck of a lot of cash! Cash that can be better spent buying more art prints!
If you've been hiding under a rock, these are both by Ashley. (You really should get out more.) The housey one is hanging above our bed, and I just love the cute homely feel it gives me when I look at it. Perfect for above the bed :) I haven't found a proper home for the other one, but in the meantime it's feeling quite comfortable amongst those colourful characters.

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