Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I'd like to be blogging more than I am lately. Usually I plod along working through the days and I'll get some idea of what I'd like to write about, or I'll have new work I'd like to show. I just seem to be a bit blank when it comes to blogging at the moment. Everything seems to be in half-finished states, and I'm doing ALOT of illustration work too. It will be nice when the blogging part of my brain switches back into gear so that it comes more naturally.

I don't often show my illustration work here, but to pretty up this post I thought I'd show you an illustration I did recently for G Mag here in oz. It's a relatively new environmental mag, I think the issue that this pic is in is still on the shelves.

I have a new necklace/ choker design I'm working on this week, as well as a limited edition print that will be available through some other shops and galleries. More about those little nuggets soon..

And who stole the lovely hot sunny days we were having!? Typical to Melbourne, we have an extremely hot summery day- then the next day it's cold and raining... rain that I got caught in this morning whilst walking the dogs I might add. I was laughing as I was walking along with rain dripping off the end of my nose and water getting in my eyes. A drenched, delirious girl walking with two extremely wet dogs! And I'm not ashamed to admit that I like the smell of wet dog (I think I've mentioned that before), and I'm also not ashamed of starting my sentences with 'and'. I like it, I don't care if it's a grammatical faux-par.

So, the weekend is looming and we have the big election coming up. And it really is reminding me of that Simpson's episode (or was it Futurama?) where they had to vote between Jack Johnson or John Jackson. (Who were really aliens in disguise.) I really am undecided. Jack Johnson or John Jackson. Hmmmmm.

One more snugget of news from my ever-so-boring-and-typical-life at the moment is I am completely hooked on a new UK comedy. I am a push over for UK comedy, I think English comedians are legends, and have a similar comedic style to Aussie humour. (By the way, snugget is a new word I just thought up which is a cross breed of nugget & snippet.) I say boring and typical because the most exciting thing in my life at the moment is a tv show! Not that I'm saying anything less of the show.. anyway, if you've ever seen Darkplace and liked that I'm pretty confident that you'd like this one too. It's the first part of the first episode from "Man to Man with Dean Learner". It's set up like a cheesy talk show and the Garth Marenghi guy plays all of the different guests.



futuregirl said...

I love starting my sentences with And as well. Sometimes it's just needed! :)

tiel said...

And I really like that illo. And I'm sure you will get your blogging mojo back soon. And what is wrong with using and to start a sentence?