Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bits n Bobs

Happy New Year!

I hope we've all had a good break? I enjoyed mine. Lots of food, drink, friends and family. I've got some happy snaps to share! The first one is Gazz, myself and Russ. The three siblings hanging out at St Andrews pub. The next photo is Russ' girlfriend Bell and me. This was actually on Jimbo's birthday. I think he was inside whilst we were taking these. Oops.

This is Dad in his shed on Christmas day. I was liking all of the colours of the number plates and the fridge. A real Aussie bloke in his shed. This one might just be a framer. Although I'm not very happy about the squirty bottle on top of the fridge. Ah well, what can you do? I am no photographer!

Next we have Jimbo and Gazz in the shed, still on xmas day.

Now for the first crafty goodness for the year. This is a one off original purse titled "Displaced". It's more pricey than my usual purses, but that is because it's an original and a lot more work has gone into it. Not too thrilled about the photo, the light was doing tricky things on that day, plus my camera was going flat so it was a bit of a rush job. This purse is now sitting in my cube at Incube8r Gallery. With the start of the year I have decided to take out extra space in the form of a partition in the gallery from which I am able to sell some art and prints. Check out my board layout that I set up on Saturday. I already made a sale before I had completed setting it up! I hope that's a sign of things to come.
A little birdie tells me that there are a few vacancies at the moment within the gallery. You can check the website to get all the info on how this funky little place works.

I've got plans for new art and prints and necklace designs. You may be familiar with the prints and art here on show, so I think it's time to really get to work and come up with some fresh new stuff. I'm hoping this to be one extremely productive and creative year. I have a bit more time on my hands this year so let's hope I don't spend it all partying. Maybe just a bit of partying and the rest creating.


Jenn Maruska said...

Um... regarding that last photo. How did you sneak into my house and take a picture of our living room wall?!?

: D

futuregirl said...

I'm sure your 2008 will rock!

isy said...

that cute little quilted purse and the tree handbag sold about 5 minutes ago...


kristen said...

That purse is gorgeous. And congrats on the new place.

Sabine said...

What a perfect little purse!