Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday Ramblings

These little buggers are driving me crazy. My new house has a possum problem!! They don't make much noise- the problem is my dogs barking at them. My dogs are usually well behaved- but I have never lived in a house with possums before. I did some research about getting rid of them, but came to the conclusion that I can't do anything about them. Apparently catching them and relocating them is a no-no as research has found that they do not survive in a new environment. The tip is to make sure all gaps in your roof are blocked and to put up possum boxes in the trees for them to live in. Well, that ain't going to stop my dogs from barking.
One of my neighbours has informed me that my dogs are barking quite a lot when I'm not at home, which is causing great stress and concern for me!
My neighbour also mentioned that she hates possums, as she sees them as a pest. This has got me thinking (again- not the first time I have thought about this subject) about what we really consider pests to be. The possum is a native animal and rightly so is protected. We are the ones who have moved into and destroyed their habitats, and yet we are the ones projecting hate onto these creatures. The same goes for kangaroos (considered a pest by farmers) and wombats (I often hear people talk about people shooting wombats because of the damage they cause to their houses). I don't know or understand why the common wombat is not protected.
I agree with the philosophy of The Australian Conservation Foundation that "Wildlife populations have rights of their own to exist and flourish independently of human needs".
I'll also extend this outlook to the much hated snake. It just doesn't sit well with me that we can destroy native animals habitats, use the land for our own purposes and then label the animals as pests when they disrupt our lives.

Looks like I'll be having some more nights of broken sleep with dogs running around the house whining and barking. I think I'd like to look into some other possible alternatives such as training them not to bark at the possums. Or just not go out at night when they're here with me and not with Jim.

Any suggestions!?

Here, my lovely bloggy readers, are some new necklaces that I have dubbed the "Sweet Home" range. There's one each available in the shop as of now. I think they are sweet and homely. I took these photos outside because my light box was one of the casualties of moving. I think I might set up a corner somewhere in the house especially for taking photos. Better add it to my ever growing and non relenting list of things to do!


Jenn Maruska said...

Your possums are cuter than our possums.

Sorry they are troubling the dogs.

I like your new necklaces : )

ash said...

Those are beautiful necklaces. I love them.

Kirsty said...

I did see on a dog training show once if you get footage of the thing they are barking at (even on a doco or something) and play it for them on the telly. Then reward them when they stop barking at it??? Might be worth a try! Let me know if you try it?

jim bradshaw said...

Let the possums in the house and kick the dogs out for a week. It will teach them a powerful lesson.

Okay, that was lame. I'm kinda in a similar situation with rabbits. Thankfully my 2 cats don't bark but those waskalwy wabbits ruin our yard (brown spots) and eat flowers in our garden and I tried some humane stuff that didn't work and every once in awhile chuck tennis balls at them. But I gently lob the balls because I'm afraid of hurting them. Elmer Fudd, I will never be. I'm such a soft shell with animals.

How's that for a long winded non problem solver?