Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Print, New Blog & Death By Chocolate

Geez! It's been a while since I added a new print to the shop! Anyway, this print is from an artwork by me that I call "Falling".

This is part of the description that I wrote for it in it's listing:

"I hope you get some sort of nice feeling as I do when I look at this picture. It's got a carefree, fun and blissful feel to it I think. When I made this artwork I was trying to capture a feeling of enjoying the simple things in life, such as fun, love, the beauty of nature... you know, all those things we sometimes need to tune into in a childlike way and forget our day-to-day responsibilities for a while. "

This can be found here in my shop.

Need some more arty internet goodness? Head on over to the new art and illustration blog Pikaland for some eye pleasing images. This new blog really looks promising and is a portal to the huge world of modern art and illustration that's going on out there. Amy, the lady behind it has already been digging up some really nice stuff. I see some old friends in there already and some new stuff that I haven't seen before but am excited to discover.

Thank you Amy, I'll be enjoying that one.

Off to stuff my gob with Mexican food tonight with my brothers and Bell (my brother Russell's girlfriend). It's Valentine's day today, so happy Valentine's day to all of you. Who celebrate it. Jim didn't even know it was Valentine's day today, the old hopeless romantic. We never do anything for it really. So I'm going to go out with my brothers and maybe just because it is a chocolatey indulgent kind of day I'll have to order the "death by chocolate" for dessert...? I really can't see that I have any other option. I'll try to remember to take the camera along for some photos to tease you all with the food. I LOVE Mexican food. Can't wait.


Sally said...

Perfect print to release on Valentines Day! It's gorgeous (and I think I am a hopeless romantic)... I think I am going to have to get one for the "Julie Knoblock Emerald Gallery" ;-)


Kirsty Campion said...

Hi Jules,
Is the art work "I'm so over it" for sale??? Want it!!!

Jules Knoblock said...

Sold! To Kirsty! Thanks :)

binny Talib said...

Jules that pikaland is a godsend, i have been hunting for new blogs on my tangent, thankyou! :)

Shell said...

Love this print! Hope you enjoyed your mexican on Valentines day. You've made me hungry for some mexican goodness - might have taco's for dinner!

marjorie said...

Your new print is so amazing!! I love your work! :)

art4friends said...

ooo i love your blog and etsy shop! im glad I stumbled across it!


lovely print, and enjoy the mexican! i love love love it too!

renee anne x

Georgie Love said...

Sorry love, I have tagged you in my blog for a challenge! :-)

Oh and I saw you on the front page of etsy yesterday. ... for the falling print. I couldn't print screen on the mac, so I am sorry!

Jules said...

Hope the feast was great; this illo sure is!

Kim Bagwill said...

I love this print! It's amazing!