Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Movin' to the country...

...gonna eat a lot of peaches...

The presidents of the United States of America rocked us with that hit, and it's oh so fitting to sing when one actually does move to the country. Love that cd by the way, I still play it to this day. It never gets old!

But thankfully there are no ninja's here. None that I know of anyway. They can be quite stealthy, you know. Luckily, though, I found this little number that I could put on bub to scare any potential ninja threats away. How funny is it!? This is where I found it.

As promised, pics of our new abode that we are living in until the next stage which will be our very own house on top of a hill... One day. A couple of years away perhaps.

It's really lovely being out here and sometimes if I get up early enough we get to see the most beautiful views. Sunrises and sunsets are awesome on a property with a view. If only I could sit on the porch and sip some wine and watch, but for now, it'll have to be soda water. Or some other non-alcoholic beverage.

This is the first view of the property that you get from the start of the driveway..

The front of the house..

The side.. (isn't that a glorious shade tree just perfect for summer? I have images of myself and baby sitting under that tree in the warmer months on a picnic blanket!)

The view from the front porch.. (I have requested some really comfy cane lounge seats for this area for my birthday. Shhh, it's coming up on Friday!)

This is up the back looking out over the hill..

It's really great for the dogs here as they love to run and I just take them for walks around the empty paddocks. They just go wild. Although Leela did keep us up the other night because she made herself sick from eating too much sheep poo and got the runs. We wont be walking around that paddock again in a hurry.

So there you have it. The new Jim and Jules hideout.

And thank you so much to everyone that left comments re our baby news! I love getting comments and get so excited by each and every one of them. It makes it all the more special being able to share our happy news with others :)


Green Kitchen said...

It's fantastic!!!!!! Imagine all the imagining that can happen there.

Steve V said...

Hi Jules

This is very nice. Is this near where you and Jim were before? Anyway all the best with the bub and I hope you stay well, happy and healthy throughout. BTW, fancy a small posting of the 'Boots' that started all this?


Steve V

Kate said...

Your house looks so lovely. I love that onesie - might need to get one of those.

Kim Bagwill said...

Congrats on the house and the baby! How exciting! I grew up in the country and it was great - and I'd like to get back there someday, but I'm currently a city-dweller. Also just got back from two weeks down under and it was awesome. Australia rocks!

lil kim said...

that looks so little-house-on-the-prairie-dreamy! what an oasis to raise a child in.
love the ninja outfit! I got this: http://www.rockyourbaby.com/abcd.shtml?s=LT
for my niece when she was born (but in pink ;-)
some very humorous stuff out there - it's great to be able to have fun with it all isn't it? :-)

Bloom said...

Owh, this post made me very homesick! I have just moved (reluctantly) to town from a small farm and I'm missing the space & peace terribly. Thankfully I can still go back every now and then for a 'fix'. Congratulations on the new property. It looks perfect. Enjoy!

diana said...

Lucky, lucky you and so dang beautiful. Currently going through a 'I wanna move to the country phase', happens every winter when all beach visits have ceased. I too still sing to all and sundry 'movin' to the country, gonna eat alot of peaches'. yep just can't get it out of my head even after all these years. Love your stuff and blog.