Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Enjoying Life

So living out in the country has been relaxing. Even though I have a terribly long list of things I want to get done. I have now officially cut back on my illustration work (I'll only be doing a handful of jobs before the baby is due) so this gives me time to focus on crafting, my Etsy shop (which has been severely neglected), and getting this house in order, or should I say "nesting". I have had a little break from creating and just been living the house-wifey dream (who wants to work!?) but now feel the urge to get busy again as I have had a bout of inspiration that just began yesterday! I shall keep you informed of new stuff that I make.
But for now it's life shots again. Here is Jimbo collecting some field mushies from the paddocks around our house. He ate some- I was too nervous being pregnant and all, but he's still alive today so all is well. He did however ingest a lot of little bugs that were hiding in the mushrooms! And Leela made herself sick by gorging on sheep poo. Up all night she was with crook guts. Will that girl ever stop being so stupid??

Leela has a new collar! Isn't it cute? The guy in the shop pointed out a big mean looking chunky collar with rows of studs when I told him I was looking for a new collar for my doberman. I laughed and proceeded to check out the cute collar section with all the flowers and diamonties! Definitely more her style!

And as I mentioned this property has some beautiful views especially in the morning and evening. This is the view we had one morning last week. It's been so foggy lately.

See ya soon ;)

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